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Adventure Sport In England

Adventure sports, also known as extreme sports, are those that are considered to have a certain level of danger attached to them (more so than the usual injuries that can be expected from more mainstream sports and activities). They usually involve high speeds or excessive heights as well as excellent physical health and exertion. Many adventure sports are centred on conquering the challenges of nature and its raw power. They are, by definition, popular amongst the minority, not undertaken by the majority of inhabitants or tourists. Despite this fact, adventure sports are growing in popularity all the time as people search for new and exciting ways to experience a destination.



Surfing at Porthleven, Cornwall, England.

Adventure sports can range in their intensity from fairly light and easy to far more challenging. This means that young and old, fit and unfit can still enjoy this unique form of sightseeing. England makes for an ideal adventure sports destination as it enjoys the benefits of having mountains, valleys, moors, coastal areas, and well-developed infrastructural hubs to accommodate these exciting activities.

Before embarking on any adventure sport, it is vital that you consult with a professional and allow an expert to accompany and train you. It is also crucial that you are in a suitable physical condition.

Some popular adventure activities include:

. Horseback riding
. Hot air balloon flights
. Surfing (particularly popular in Newquay, Cornwall)
. Mountain biking
.Canyoning (touring a canyon and engaging in various activities, such as hiking, abseiling, and so on)
.River rafting
.Mountain climbing (this can range in intensity) .Kite surfing
‘sky surfing (try those surfing moves while sky diving for a real thrill)
‘snow boarding
‘sand boarding


. Rallying
. 4 x 4 trailing
. Go-carting
. Bungee jumping

For those considering visiting England and engaging in some adrenalin-inducing adventure sports, the following sites and contacts will be of use:

Supreme Adventure Sports (Durham)
Tel: +44 07903 594744

Adventure Sports
Tel: 01926 491948

Keswick Adventure Centre (Cumbria)
Tel: 01768 775687

Key Adventures (Cumbria)
Tel: 01539 730890

Pink Adventures (Lancashire)
Tel: 01254 705798

Teamsport Indoor Karting (Holborn and Covent Garden in Greater London)
Tel: 08444 108 108

Adventures Scuba Schools (Essex)
Tel: 01245 252627

Aberfal Outdoor Pursuits (Cornwall)
Tel: 07968770756

Devon Outdoors (Devon)
Tel: 08450 951225

Wild Tracks (Suffolk)
Tel: 01638 751918