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Brands From England

England is a major player on the global economic front, home to a number of corporate giants that affect the economy, not only of the United Kingdom (comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), but of the entire world. London alone is home to an impressive assortment of some of the world’s most successful names.

Some of the most famous brands that come from England include:
PG Tips
Tea is the national drink of England. It is no wonder, then, that some of the best known brews in the world hail from this country. PG Tips. success is based on its budget-friendly price, its good taste and its cunning advertisements. It is manufactured by Unilever in the United Kingdom.



Twinings is an English tea that is now sold in over 100 different countries around the world. This company is approximately three centuries old and currently boasts around 200 different flavours and types of tea.
Bentley cars are classic favourites and have been gracing the English roads since the establishment of the company in 1919 by Mr WO Bentley himself. These elegant cars are costly, but ultimately glamorous. Volkswagen currently owns the Bentley brand.
Jaguar was first called Swallow Sidecar and was established in England in 1922. Jaguars are coveted vehicles that have earned respect across the globe. In 2002, the Ford Motor Company bought both Jaguar and Land Rover (also first established in England) and created Jaguar Land Rover. Tata Motors, an Indian company, took over Jaguar Land Rover in 2008.

Jaguar E-Type Nose in red. The front of an iconic British car of the 1960s.


Rolls Royce
Established in 1906, Rolls Royce has continued to be one of England’s gems. These regal vehicles persist in receiving international awards for their design and performance.

Other Famous English Car Brands
.Aston Martin (1913 – Present)
.Lotus (1952 – Present)
.MG (1924 – Present)
.Mini (1959 – Present)
.Vauxhall (1903 – Present)

Carling beer is the flavour of all things English. It has permeated the international market and continues to grow and expand.

John Smith’s
This particular brand was established as far back as 1847. It is known for its variety of beer products and famous drinkability.

Greene King Beer
Because this famous brand has been around for over two centuries, it has developed a number of effective techniques, both new and old, for creating a fabulous array of flavours. Other Famous English Beer Brands
.Badger Beer
.Belhaven Beer
.Black Sheep Beer
.Eagle Beer
.Tetley’s Beer
.Wychwood Beer

Burberry is an English brand that is well-known for its clothing, accessories and fragrances. It has taken the English market by storm and there are now outlets situated all over the planet.

This famous sportswear brand was started in Cheadle in 1890, but is now owned by the German company, Adidas. This reputable brand is respected throughout the world and its clothing is a popular favourite amongst American, Chinese, South African, Australian and European consumers.

Other Famous English Clothing Brands
.Charles Tyrwhitt
.Jasper Conran
.Hackett London
.Norton & Sons
‘swaine Adeney Brigg
‘swedish Navy Clothing
.Ted Baker
.The Look Presents
.Turnbull & Asser