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England – East Midlands

As its name implies, the English region of the East Midlands comprises most of the eastern half of the area traditionally known as the Midlands. It consists of the following areas:

.The majority of Lincolnshire



Rolling Leicestershire farmland patchwork flanking Ives Head near the tiny village of Oaks in Charnwood.

Some definitions of the region also include the towns of:

.Burton upon Trent
.North Lincolnshire

The East Midlands has an ancient history, with volcanic rock being dated back some 600 million years as testimony. This ancient rock can be found in the enchanting Charnwood Forest and provides a rich source of granite right up to our day. West Leicestershire is the site of the geographical centre of England, which is situated in Higham on the Hill. Rockingham Forest is a well known feature of the region, and was once used as a popular hunting ground for the English royals.


Because the East Midlands is one of the regions of England, its legislation and general ruling is done by the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who is responsible for the entire United Kingdom. However, certain areas or decisions are made by smaller, localised bodies. For example, the East Midlands Development Agency coordinates all economic development in the region and the East Midlands Leaders. Board is responsible for financial funding issues.

When the Romans invaded England centuries ago, they made the capital of the East Midlands the city of Leicester. However, they renamed it Ratae Corieltauvorum.

Significantly, the East Midlands is the home of the first factory in the world. This was a textile factory in Lea Bridge and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Because of its rich historical heritage, the East Midlands boasts an abundance of historical castles and magnificent homes in which figures of the past, those who shaped the region, once lived. Set amidst rolling emerald hills and striking rock faces, these old-world spectacles entice locals and visitors alike in their charm and grace. Some of the better known castles include Ashby de la Zouch, Kirby Muxloe, Bolsover, Peveril, and Tattershall.

The towns within the East Midlands are well developed, offering their inhabitants sophisticated shopping outlets, plenty of exciting and fun activities and a bustling nightlife.

The natural allure of the area is conveyed by its dense forest and gorgeous mountain ranges. The Shivering Mountain is just one of these. Formally known as Mam Tor, this mountain is situated just south of Edale and is called the Shivering Mountain because of the way that the shale and grit stone flake from its cliff faces, sometimes even sliding down the mountain in awesome power.

The East Midlands is also the home of the famous fairytale hero from medieval times, Robin Hood. He and his Merry Men would steal from the rich and give to the poor, making them loved and hated at the same time. The region takes full advantage of this folk tale by offering tours of Nottingham Castle and Sherwood Forest as well as film memorabilia and even pageants.

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