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England – Attractions

England is a land of diversity, astounding natural beauty, a rich historical heritage and a complex culture. It is one of the major financial, political and commercial countries of the world, despite being relatively small. These are only some of the many reasons that this country attracts millions of tourists to its towns, villages, cities, and natural wonders every year.

In response to the ever-booming tourism industry, England has implemented a sophisticated infrastructure that can accommodate this influx efficiently and effectively.



The summit of Glastonbury Tor,Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

Accommodation, tour operators and transportation resources are abundant, reliable and varied. This country is also renowned for its world-class shopping, fabulous theatrical performances and vibrant night-life. Indeed, there is no shortage of entertainment for first-time visitors or regulars in England.

The following are just some of England’s most popular attractions:

.British Airways London Eye .The Tower of London (one of the most visited sites in England) .Big Ben
.The Houses of Parliament .Kew Gardens
.Chester Zoo .The Palace of Westminster
.Canterbury Cathedral .Madame Tussauds
‘st Paul’s Cathedral .The British Museum .Westminster Abbey
.Windsor Castle .London Zoo
‘stonehenge (Wiltshire) .Chatsworth House
.Buckingham Palace .The Roman Baths (Bath)


There are also cities and towns that are acclaimed for their heritage and frequented by those keen to immerse themselves in this part of the English culture. These include:

.Brighton (a gorgeous seaside resort that was once the retreat of royals)
.Cambridge (a beautiful university town)
.Canterbury (once the religious epicentre of Europe)
.Oxford (also a university town with a particularly medieval-style of university in terms of its architectural design)
.Nottingham (home to the legendary Robin Hood)
‘stratford-upon-Avon (famed author, playwright and actor William Shakespeare’s birthplace)
.Windsor (home to the castle of the same name)

Nature enthusiasts will find plenty of breath-taking attractions for young and old alike and are urged to visit:

.The Eden Project (Cornwall)
.The magnificent Lake District
.Dartmoor and Exmoor (Devon)
.The Jurassic Coast (Dorset and Devon)
.The many game reserves and natural parks that dot the countryside in abundance

By indulging in the magical allure of some or all of these attractions, visitors ensure that they have the opportunity to experience the authentic nature of England.

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