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The demographics of a country represent its population profile, according to scientific study and research. It includes details such as the ratio of men to women, the languages spoken, the total population, the density in certain areas, the growth rate, and so on.

England is the most populous country out of the four that make up the United Kingdom (the others being Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). In fact, England alone makes up over 80% of the total population of the United Kingdom. It is also in the top quarter of the most populous countries in the world, with over 50 million inhabitants.



King Edward VII equestrian statue,
Queen’s Park, Toronto, Canada

Most of the current inhabitants of England descend from the lines of the first settlers, who date back centuries ago. These ones had Norse, Saxon and Anglo roots. Various cultures have shaped and moulded the modern community, including the Roman and Gaelic influences, creating a melting pot of complex traditions and heritages.

For over 1000 years, England has played a major role in the political arena of the entire world. In fact, it extended its tendrils to all corners of the world, gaining part or complete control over South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, Chile, Canada, the United States of America, New Zealand and others at various times through the annals of history. Today, the influences of English rule and culture remain in many of these global destinations, despite most of them having gained independence.

Because England is a First World country and has always held an air of prosperity and opportunity, it is now home to hundreds of different nationalities that have immigrated to this part of the United Kingdom to begin a new life. In addition to a significant Irish population, there are also inhabitants who are originally from South Africa, Spain, Italy, Germany, India, the East and South America.


Of the 50 million + inhabitants, there is a fairly equal split between males and females, with females numbering slightly higher. The median age of English residents is about 36 or 37 years. Males. life expectancy averages around 77 years of age, while most females will live to be about 81 years old. Regardless of actual nationality, the vast majority (that is, almost 90%) of people in England are white.

England remains fairly Christian, with about 70% of its residents claiming to belong to some Christian church. A large number of people, however, are apathetic or neutral, and approximately 15% of the inhabitants admit to having no religion at all. Other major religions found in England include Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism.

Understanding the demographics of a country provides one with insight into its heritage, culture, customs, goals and priorities. It gives the land a sense of import and significance that may otherwise be missed completely. England is an ancient country that boasts layers and layers of complexity; making it fascinating and intriguing.

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