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London – Heathrow Airport

The world-famous London Heathrow Airport remains one of the busiest in the world. It is situated in Hillingdon, a borough of London, and is the biggest airport in the whole of the United Kingdom, which comprises England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. It also sees more international passengers passing through its many gates than any other airline around the globe. In fact, it has an average of 67 million passengers every year. Although its high passenger and flight numbers were negotiated during 2010 due to the disruption caused by the volcanic ash of Eyjafjallaj??kull, London Heathrow remained one of the busiest airports in the world.



The check-in area for Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow Airport

BAA Limited (originally known as the British Airways Authority) owns London Heathrow Airport, as well as the Gatwick, London Stansted, Glasgow International, Edinburgh, Southampton and Aberdeen airports. ADI Limited, in turn, owns BAA Ltd, and is itself under the main umbrella of the Spanish Ferrovial Group. Today, British Midland International (BMI), Virgin Atlantic Airways and British Airways (BA) are run mainly from their nucleus at London Heathrow.
However, there are approximately 100 different airlines that make use of this busy hub and fly to over 170 destinations all over the globe. These include: .Air Canada .Air China .Air France .Air India .Air Lines .Air Malta .Air Mauritius .Air New Zealand
.Air Seychelles .Cathay Pacific .Emirates .Japan Airlines .Qantas ‘south African Airways ‘swiss International .United Airlines .US Airways


During World War I, the area of Heathrow was converted to a military airfield. Gradually and under the control of several different entities, it grew and earned acclaim amongst those in the avian industry. In May 1946, it was opened fully for use by civilian airlines and passengers. The 1950’s and 1960’s saw huge growth and development. In 1955, the first terminal building was officially opened. Now known as Terminal 2, this was then named the Europa Building. In 1961, the Oceanic Terminal (now Terminal 3) was opened and, seven years later, Terminal 1 was opened. Terminal 4 followed in the early part of the 1980’s.

Although there is constant expansion of this resource, there are currently five main arrival terminals and a cargo terminal. Aircraft arriving at Heathrow will enter its airspace via 1) Bovingdon, 2) Lambourne, 3) Biggin Hill or 4) Ockham.

The London Heathrow Airport is particularly well equipped with a range of restaurants, shops and facilities that include designer wear, luggage, pharmacies, hair and beauty salons, caf??s, coffee shops, formal diners, fast food, American Express, shoe stores and an abundance of duty-free outlets. There are several chaplains too, including Anglican, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim, amongst several others, and a multi-faith prayer room to accommodate the many religions and creeds that pass through the busy airport.

Because London Heathrow Airport is such a major part of the infrastructure and transport system of England, it is equipped with its own press corps. The photographers and television crew feed all the major newspapers and TV stations around the world. This keeps this transport epicentre well within the sphere of public communications, increasing its recognition and acclaim even more so.

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