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Nature Reserves Of England

Nature reserves are a popular tourist attraction to almost any country. Due to the natural beauty and rich vegetative abundance of England, it is the ideal home to an array of impressive plant- and animal species. These areas are officially protected so that, while the public has access to the natural wonders, they cannot impose on the health or safety thereof. These national parks and reserves are managed and administered by professional bodies whose aim it is to care for the areas as well as to raise awareness and educate the public..



Combestone tor in Dartmoor national park, in warm evening light.

Dartmoor National Park

This is the largest open country in Southern England, with an area of 953 square kilometres (or 368 square miles). Although this is a land of tranquillity and breath-taking beauty, it is also popular amongst those wanting to indulge in activities. It features:

.Cycling routes
.A rich cultural heritage
.Walking / hiking trails
‘some of the most respected archaeological sites in the whole of Western Europe
.Fabulous star-gazing opportunities


Exmoor National Park
Exmoor is great for young and old alike, regardless of their fitness levels, desires or preferences. It is situated in rural Exmoor, making it a charming and welcoming attraction to visitors from all over the world. With a total area of about 691 square kilometres (or 267 square miles), this park enjoys millions of day visitors every year. It boasts:
.Cycling routes
.Horse riding
.Excellent local produce
.Game viewing

The Lake District National Park
The Lake District is famous for its towering mountains, deep gorges and magnificent lakes. This national park is home to 12 of the biggest English lakes and offers tourists a variety of attractions and activities. These include:

.Cycling / Mountain biking
.Venturing along rope bridges
.Mountain climbing
.The Lake District Coast Aquarium
.The World of Beatrix Potter
.The Beacon

New Forest National Park
This park is acclaimed for its rather different landscape, which is characterised by forests, lawns, marshes, farms, mudflats and villages. It embraces the English landscape for its natural beauty and variety, offering visitors the opportunity to forget the hustle and bustle of city living. Visitors are encouraged to:

.Walk or hike the various paths
.Take a horse ride amongst the local vegetation
.Cycle trails to work up an appetite
‘spot the many species of birds, deer, flowers and trees

North York Moors National Park
The North York Moors National Park is visually spectacular. It encompasses a number of landscapes, which are home to the birds that soar overhead and call from surrounding boughs. Indulge in the following activities during your visit to North York Moors National Park:

.Visit the beach and soak up the summer sunshine
.Tour the quaint villages and meet the locals
.Immerse yourself in the history of these settlements
.Relax beside a gurgling stream
.Learn the fascinating details of the Jurassic geology of the area

Northumberland National Park
Northumberland National Park is a retreat of peace and serenity, but also offers plenty to do in the way of more vigorous activities. It offers:
.Horse riding trails
.Cycling trails
.Wild forests
.Charming little villages (complete with restaurants, pubs and shops)
.Bird watching opportunities
.Fell running trails
.Golf courses
.Rock climbing facilities
.Picnic venues

Peak District National Park
With plenty of fun activities as well as environmental initiatives, Peak District is a popular choice amongst travellers. Spend your time:

.Rock climbing
.Horse riding
.Fell running
.Indulging in air sports
‘showing off your water sports skills

The Yorkshire Dales National Park
This park boasts sheer variety in its plant and animal life. There are various hotspots in which visitors are encouraged to keep an eye out for some of these exciting species, such as Aysgarth Falls, Cotter Force, Grass Wood and Grimwith Reservoir. Alternatively, try:

.Horse riding
.Mountain biking / cycling
.Fell running