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North West

The North West of England, officially established in 1994, is a vibrant region that comprises the sub-regions or ceremonial counties of:

•Greater Manchester




It has a population of just fewer than seven million inhabitants.

The North West region’s borders are made up by the majestic Pennines Mountain Range to the east, the Irish Sea to the west, the border of Scotland to the north and the green and craggy Welsh Mountains to the south. The cities of Liverpool and Manchester are the main epicentres of the region, and are both situated in its southern portion. Manchester is the world’s first industrial city, and has been transformed in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Liverpool, on the other hand, has gained global acclaim for its literature, music and architecture. This gives it a special import amongst tourists that appreciate the cultural value of a destination. Manchester and Liverpool are home to the vast majority of the North West inhabitants. The northern parts of the region are mainly rural and agricultural. Therein lie the charming towns of Cumbria and Lancashire.

The North West of England is also home to the spectacular Lake District; known for its exquisite lakes, mountains and discreetly nestled villages. This mountainous landscape is also home to the Lake District National Park, one of the most visited places in the region and, in fact, in all of England. In fact, well over 12 million tourists flock here every year to take in the splendour and majestic beauty of Mother Nature.

The Shoreline of Crummock Water in the English Lake District.

Because a Celtic language (known as Cumbric) was spoken in the North West during the 1100’s, remnants of this language remain, particularly in some of the place names, despite the fact that English is now the region’s official language. In fact, English is almost exclusive spoken with the exception of Cumberland, where the Cumbrian dialect predominates.

The North West region is generally well known for its climate’s sticking to the local averages. Cumbria has a particularly high summer rainfall, which usually leads to flooding in areas. Greater Manchester and East Lancashire experience the most severe snowfall in winter. Still, despite these weather features, the climate remains fairly steady and predictable.

The North West region of England is known for its fun culture and gorgeous countryside. This gem is not only enjoyed by the locals that have added this flavour to the area, but also by the many visitors that make their way here every year. In addition, it forms an integral part of the political and infrastructural system of England as a whole.

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