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South East England

South East England is a neighbour to the ever-bustling centre of London and is one of the nine official regions of the country. These nine regions were established in 1994 in order to make the administration and statistical management of England easier and under better control. Although informal definitions can vary quite significantly, the South East officially comprises:

.Berkshire .East Sussex .West Sussex ‘surrey .Buckinghamshire .Hampshire .Isle of Wight .Kent .Oxfordshire



The Seven Sisters chalk cliffs near Eastbourne. East Sussex. England Viewed from Seaford Head.

Major conurbations include:

.Brighton / Worthing / Littlehampton

Its most populous city is Brighton and Hove and its largest county is Kent. Like the other official regions in England, the South East region falls under the rulership of the monarchy. The local governmental bodies. headquarters are in Guildford. Still, London plays the most significant role in terms of affecting the South East’s economy and economic development.


The South East region remains one of the most conservative in terms of its political preferences.

South East England is renowned for its stunning gardens and historical import. Summer and spring gardens are characterised by a mosaic of colour as thousands of blooms burst open to reveal their magnificent hues and aromas. Autumn sees these colours darken to rusty reds, oranges and browns to be followed by the mists of winter, which convey their own magical splendour and mystery. During winter, many visitors come to see the glass houses and the plants and flowers that they hold.

South East England has also been a major spot for royals over the past few centuries. As a result, the countryside is littered with magnificent castles, majestic homes, extensive battlefields and ancient cathedrals, which all work together to tell the complex tale of England’s history. Some of the most popular of the 30 castles in the South East region include Arundel Castle in Sussex, Leeds Castle in Kent, Guildford Castle in Surrey, Windsor Castle in Windsor, Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, Hever Castle in Kent and Dover Castle in Kent. Windsor Castle is still inhabited by royals to this day, which has attracted visitors from all over the world to the town of the same name.

Due to its close proximity to London, the South East of England is both convenient and accessible. This makes for the ideal retreat for locals as well as for tourists and visitors. Its cultural, historical and natural abundance further enhances the area to create a holistic destination and home.

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