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Transport – Busses

Public transport is used extensively throughout England and, indeed, the whole of the United Kingdom (which includes the countries of Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland). For people that work fairly close to their homes or, conversely, far away from a tube / train station, the public bus system plays an integral part of their everyday life.

The busses charge considerably less over shorter distances than the trains do, so using them saves commuters a significant amount of money. Buses run regular routes at very regular intervals, sometimes only minutes apart, assuring those that rely on them of prompt, efficient service.



Red double deck bus at heritage route in London.

Travelling England by bus is popular amongst visitors too, as the official bus routes are extensive and the ticket prices reasonable. There are also specific backpacker busses available, which offer different packages, depending on the traveller’s budget and desired itinerary.

Companies like Haggis and Roadtrip offer hop-on, hop-off trips, allowing a greater amount of flexibility to tourists and locals.

These tourist busses are particularly useful in some of the more rural parts of the country, which may not have as developed an infrastructure as the urban epicentres.


There are several official bus companies that run successful travel routes throughout England. These include (but are not limited to):

This company is extensive, but concentrates on town and city routes. However, there are some Arriva routes between towns and smaller villages. Arriva offers various specials in terms of tickets. For example, travellers can purchase a Day Saver Ticket, Multi-Journey Saver Ticket as well as Day and Week Explorer tickets.

First has a number of budget-friendly ticket options available, depending on the frequency and extent of its passengers. use. It operates in dozens of areas in England, and connects towns and villages as well as operating within them.

Green Line
This company is focussed primarily on transporting commuters between London and the Home Counties (such as Kent, Essex and Berkshire, for example).

This bus company offers commuters ultra-low prices right across the United Kingdom. While being the cheapest bus in England, Megabus requires that you book your ticket in advance so that you may benefit from the good deals.

National Express
National Express is the most widespread bus service in all of England. It serves over 1200 individual destinations (including those in Scotland and Wales) and offers transport within and between towns and cities. National Express offers commuters several special passes or tickets, which work out cheaper if used correctly.

Stagecoach is a great option for visitors wanting to explore England as its extensive network of mainly local routes is covered extensively and slowly. Day Tickets, Explorer Tickets and Goldrider Tickets give Stagecoach commuters the opportunity to venture across the beautiful countryside of England while sticking within their budget. http://www’

Offering such an extensive bus system has given England the upper hand in terms of affordable, far-reaching transport for its local residents as well as for national and international tourists. Therefore, it has proven to be an invaluable player in the progress and development of the country and its infrastructure.